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1 September was the first day of the school in the morning, I put on clean uniforms, wearing a red scarf,Goyard Tote Price happily went to school. Had Exit the classroom, a bell collection Ringer and We arrived a line treats teams on the playground when we sit,Goyard Suitcase modrateur; Professor plausible advertiser: Lei Feng Elementary School opening ceremony, now, first played the national anthem.Goyard Trunk When the national anthem sounded sweet, staff and students are hi solemn national anthem, loud and clear,Goyard Price List the spread of campus in the streets. The second term with names that start ceremony, the head teacher of the student first year has attracted a red dot and then chaired the president of Taiwan to give us the mandate to announce the new semester,Goyard Trunk and the City Council leaders of education has also assisted the ceremony.

If they grow in the garden,Goyard Saint Louis Price the gardener will certainly keep the flowers of very fleshy and size rgulires, flowers are even more beautiful.Goyard Men But even if it was camping, no wind and rain, the sun and rain, but it can achieve freedom without hindrance.Goyard St Louis Pm Although not beautiful open flowers, but they can freely up towards the outside pull your body. Although it seems so weak,Goyard Handbag it blooms again, is not it? Pens here I soulag and each life on earth can not choose your own background screen,Goyard Totes but you can decide their own fate, like the rose to the stubborn, brave survive. Open in the corner of the Rose,Goyard Duffle the wind blows, falling petals, it will re-bloom it? I think he will. Because of his life will not die.

After reading this post the next,Goyard Shop completely immersed in their reading. Think is daily learning have t believe that our ancestors were behind permit and reading break rolls,Goyard Purses getting a God. But I felt bad after the first monthly exam, I saw his achievements concrtes, I can not help letting tears of sadness,Goyard Replica tears, like a drop of blood drop, like, is now destroy my mind in front of a confused, not knowing where to go. After Yuekao followed by another burst busy,Goyard Tote Price busy time back, it is PRVU learn. Busy with the allocation of time to learn, monthly review after an explosion of pain,Goyard St Louis Tote Price face immediate results, it seems that a bottle Gomi renvers mind, I do not know how the taste, the feeling of sadness or grief .Goyard Shop Online